The STEM Collective

This Design Your Own LLC was offered in 2017-2018 and is no longer available.

What’s STEM, anyway? A collection of specialized knowledge inaccessible to the layperson? Not to us. Our LLC believes STEM is a mindset that can be useful to everyone — anyone can use the scientific method or the engineer’s approach to explore the world around them, and each methodology is like a new tool in our mental toolbox.

About the Community

At The STEM Collective, we’re all about expanding that toolbox, and maximizing our use of the tools therein. We apply these tools to new problems, trying to understand the world around us through the lens of science. We dive into the physics and neuroscience of music in an interactive workshop to uncover why our favorite songs inspire us. We make pasta with a chemistry professor to explore the science of cooking.

Along the way, we expand the toolbox by using other disciplines to deconstruct STEM topics. Expect late-night pizza conversations about the philosophy of engineering or the social justice of technological advancement.

Most importantly, we share our tools. The STEM Collective is a venue for collaboration, support, and excitement over how STEM applies to the diverse things we’re learning. Expect to share cool things you’ve been learning with the floor, and put together awesome events for the campus to enjoy as well.

We want students excited to explore how people approach the world. We don’t mind if you’re not studying STEM, but we expect you to make active contributions to our goal—design events, attend meetings, and be a part of the community.

Student Coordinator

  • Michael Cobb

Application Prompts

  1. Discuss a way in which science and technology has impacted your life academically, personally, and/or socially. You can talk about how a purely STEM idea captivated you, or how the social, political, or philosophical repercussions of a STEM idea impacted your life.
  2. As a member of this LLC, you will be expected to take an active role in designing events. With the LLC's support, what is an event you would like to help create? Feel free to be as creative as possible!
  3. What do you hope to gain from your experience in the STEM Collective? What role do you plan to play in the LLC?


The STEM Collective is located on Bildner 3 in McLaughlin. View floor plans.