DALI Treehouse

This Design Your Own LLC was offered in 2016-2017 and is no longer available.

The DALI Treehouse is associated with the DALI Lab, an extracurricular, experiential learning center at Dartmouth, and is a Design Your Own LLC during the 2016-2017 academic year. Members of the Treehouse do not need to be DALI members, but they should share similar goals and passions: a desire to create, innovate, and take risks.

About the Community

We are looking for both aspiring and established designers and developers who want to take their love for their craft into their living space to build relationships and collaborate with other digital creators. At the DALI Treehouse we look for problem solvers. A designer might try to find the best way to help a user learn how to use a product, while a developer might need to make the product reliable and powerful.

The Treehouse is a community in which these creative minds come together to collaborate, learn, and challenge themselves. By intertwining artistic and technical skill sets, both groups are able to gain a more holistic understanding of their own craft.Ultimately, the creative and supportive culture we build allows community members to expand their knowledge to new areas, think in novel ways, and pursue their passion.

Finally, the Treehouse will empower its residents with one final, crucial skill: leadership. Designers and developers can lead by providing direction and support to their groups and taking ownership of their work. Members of the Treehouse will learn by doing: interested students can lead a small workshop, present and critique ideas, and host open community events during which non-residents can come for ideas, discussion, and critique. Working together, the emerging leaders of the Treehouse form an even greater force for helping others.

Student Coordinator

  • Patrick Xu


  • Tim Tregubov

Application Prompts

  1. What’s one thing you’ve made and what did you love about it? Where did you stumble?
  2. Given what you understand about the DALI Treehouse, what is something you would want to introduce to make the Treehouse space and/or community great?
  3. Describe a collaborative experience that you’ve had and what you liked about it and what could have been improved to make it awesome?


The DALI Treehouse Living Learning Community is located at 3rd floor Rauner, McLaughlin. View floor plans.