General Information

Welcome back! Congratulations on your return to the College. We believe in your success and are ready to support you in your time at Dartmouth.

Stay up to Date

Please use this section of our site as a resource throughout the term to find advice for a successful term, connections to resources, and information on programming across campus that might be of interest.

To schedule appointments with your dean, you can call 603-646-2243 or email us.

Tips from the Deans

  • Use our resources! If you aren't sure about how to juggle three classes, talk to your Undergraduate Dean, or the Academic Skills Center for hints on time management strategies.
  • Plan out each term, and plan out each week.
  • Find a great place to study!
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Talk to a counselor at Dick's House.
  • Talk to your professors—get to know them early, and seek them out often!
  • Get enough sleep. The more refreshed your body is, the more likely you are to pay attention and take effective notes in class.