Humans of Dartmouth

Humans of Dartmouth

Humans of Dartmouth is a program supported by the Tucker Center.  The mission of Humans of Dartmouth is to break down social barriers and capture the hidden stories of individuals within the Dartmouth community.  Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to participate in the informal "interview" process that aims to give Dartmouth students and community members a new platform for expressing themselves.  Interviews are unscheduled and unscripted, allowing an authentic and open conversation.

Below is an example of a Humans at Dartmouth interview:

"I think I want to be someone that's consistent.  Somebody that you can reach out to when they need someone.  Again, I think that at Dartmouth especially, we all have so much going on we oftentimes get stuck in the Duck Syndrome, where everybody's paddling furiously beneath the surface but happens to look okay in their daily life and kind of pull off that they're doing alright, and I think it's really important to have those people in your life that you can turn to and say:  "Things aren't okay!  This is a hard day," or if you ask them how you're doing, you can be really honest.  And I really hope that I'm the kind of friend that is that way, and the kind of person that if you have plans with, will definitely be there, and takes time out of their day to do something special for you."

  -Rachel Kesler '19

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