Project Preservation with Hillel

About the Program

And those among you shall build the destroyed Worlds
And You Shall Establish the Foundations of Generations Past
And You Shall be Called the Repairer of the Breach
The One Who Restores Paths in Which to Dwell

- Isaiah 58:12

For over 16 years, Project Preservation has been dedicated to fulfilling this beautiful vision of Isaiah read on Yom Kippur.

Each year, students from both Jewish and non-Jewish backgrounds engage in tikkun olam (to repair a broken part of the world). We commence in the spring term with a 6-week study of genocide, with a particular emphasis on the Shoah, the commencement of evil in Germany during the first part of the 20th century and the genocide of the Jews.

Then, during the break between Spring and Summer terms, Rabbi Boraz takes this group of students to Eastern Europe to restore the cemetery of a once vibrant Jewish community. The project team aims to preserve the past for the future. Through the exploration of Holocaust sites in Poland and Belarus in addition to various interactions with these foreign cultures, the project is further enhanced.

To apply or for more information, please email Hillel at Dartmouth .