New Member Agreement

Educator Responsibilities

  • Submitting New Member Education programs to the Office of Greek Life for approval.
  • Ensuring that all potential new members attend an Expectations of Membership session and a Dartmouth Bystander Initiative session.
  • Ensuring that all new members electronically sign their New Member Contracts within their first week.

Educator Goals

  • Get to know the other members, both existing and new.
  • Learn the history and traditions of the organization.
  • Understand how the chapter operates and the roles of its members.
  • Help new members learn to navigate the campus and make use of campus resources.
  • Recruit new members who demonstrate values and integrity.

Creating a Positive Program

  • Ask what makes someone a good brother or sister of a chapter.
  • Define the essentials that need to be learned.
  • Make sure the program poses no mental or physical harm.
  • Seek advice on the program from chapter and campus advisors.
  • Tell new members what the requirements for membership are.
  • Hold old and new members accountable for any straying from the program that could be, or become, hazing.

Evaluating Program Consequences

  • Do not include alcohol consumption in any new-member activities.
  • Provide opportunities for existing members to participate in some activities alongside new members. This gives existing members the opportunity to model positive behavior.
  • Identify the intended positive outcomes for all new-member activities. If the activity does not have any, consider revisions that make it a more educational, enjoyable experience.
  • Anticipate the times and actions that lend themselves to hazing.
  • Remember that activities such as scavenger hunts, skits, and study hours are not hazing if they are conducted in the right way.