Take a Faculty Member to Breakfast or Lunch

The Undergraduate Deans Office, with support from Student Assembly, is pleased to sponsor the extremely popular Take a Faculty Member to Breakfast or Lunch program at 1953 Commons, Moosilauke Ravine Lodge, and Pine Restaurant in the Hanover Inn.

About the Program

This program is designed to encourage undergraduate students and faculty to have substantive conversations outside of the classroom, engaging around topics of academic interests, future studies, and general life experiences. Students may utilize this program once per term, whether requesting the voucher or as a guest, until the last day of classes.

While we encourage meeting one-to-one to strengthen the faculty-student relationship, groups of no more than 3 students may attend a given meal with one professor.

Yes we DO still have vouchers for Winter term!


Requesting a Voucher

 Requests are CLOSED until Dartmouth classes resume in-person.

  • Full name, ID number, year, and email of all students attending (No more than 3 students may attend a meal) as well as the full name of one faculty member and their department.
  • Meal date and location you confirmed with faculty member (Vouchers are valid Monday-Friday at PINE and 53 COMMONS and Sunday-Thursday at MOOSILAUKE. Meal date must be on or before the last day of classes each term).

We will send a confirmation email to the address you provide when your voucher is ready.

Vouchers take 24-36 hours (excluding weekends) to process. Our office is CLOSED from 12-1pm every day; please keep this in mind when picking up your voucher.

Planning for Your Meal

  • Reservations for Moosilauke Ravine Lodge are required and can be made using this Moosilauke Reservation Form.
  • We strongly recommend making a reservation at Pine.
  • Keep the establishment hours in mind when reviewing your schedule and inviting the faculty member.
  • Vouchers are valid Monday - Friday at PINE and 53 COMMONS and Sunday - Thursday at MOOSILAUKE.
  • This program is for students and faculty only (not for use with a coach, CD, administrator, dean, TA, etc).

Using Your Voucher

  • A voucher for Pine provides each guest with $25 for the meal. Voucher will be collected by the server at the end of the meal; each voucher may only be used once.
  • Plan for the tip at Pine: a $42 meal will require an $8 tip (18%). Tip must be included. Students are responsible for any amount beyond what is covered by the voucher. For example, if your meal + tip totals $55, and your voucher is $50, you are responsible for the additional $5.
  • At 1953 Commons and Moosilauke Lodge, you do not need to account for tip.
  • Students may not alter the voucher in any way. If changes need to be made (adding additional students, changing the meal date, etc), student is responsible for returning the voucher to the Undergraduate Deans Office to make the chagnes.
  • Only 1 voucher may be used per meal.
  • If you (a student) attend a meal as a guest but are not the requester of the voucher, the meal still counts as your one time use for the term.
  • A maximum of 3 students may attend a given meal.
  • Alcohol cannot be purchased by the faculty member or students.
  • Request the voucher before your lunch; reimbursements cannot be offered if you pay for a lunch without a voucher.