YEM Program Policies and Training


All YEM students eligible for driver certification are required to get certified. Students are considered eligible if they have had their valid US or Canadian Driver's license for at least a year and have driven at least 1,500 miles. Note that YEM students have the privilege of using DCSI's fleet of vehicles and therefore do not need to use personal cars.

Click here for more information about the driver certification process and our driving policies.


DCSI is committed to empowering compassionate and capable students to work with local youth in their communities. We are confident that our YEM students are up for this task and want to help them take their skills further.

YEM students are required to engage with a general YEM Program Orientation and attend an orientation for their specific program to prepare them to enter the field.  In addition, they are expected to attend termly Professional Development Workshops to further develop the ongoing skills necessary for effectively working with youth.