Social Impact Practicums (SIPs)

What is a Social Impact Practicum (SIP)?

A Social Impact Practicum is a project-based experiential learning opportunity connecting undergraduate courses at Dartmouth with community needs identified by nonprofit organizations throughout the Upper Valley. Dartmouth students take the skills and content that they are learning in your courses and apply them to relevant projects for, and with, local community partners.

In other words, an SIP is a real-world project with real-world impact.

Current courses integrating a Social Impact Practicum are listed below but for detailed information about the specific projects and community partners associated with each SIP course, past and present, please explore the link below:

Social Impact Practicum classes for 2018-2019

Current Courses with a SIP Component

Fall 2019 SIP Courses (September 16 - November 19)

  • ENGL 52.16: God, Darwin, and the Literary Imagination (Chrstie Harner)
    • Fairbanks Museum
  • ENGS 89: Engineering Design Methodology: Project Initiation (Solomon Diamon & Douglas Van Citters)
    • Children's Hospital at Dartmouth (CHaD); Special Needs Support Center (SNSC)
  • ENGS 174: Energy Conversion (Mark Laser)
    • City of Lebanon (Public Works); Connecticut River Conservancy (CRC); Willing Hands
  • GEOG 50: Intro. to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (David Parr)
    • TBD
  • PBPL 45: Introductions to Public Policy Research (Ron Shaiko)
    • City of Lebanon; Good Neighbor Health Clinics (GNHCs); Headrest; Maynard House; Preservation Education Institute for Historic Windsor Inc. (PEIHWI); Restore Hope-Liberia; Special Needs Support Center (SNSC); Twin Pines Housing Trust; Upper Valley Community Nursing Project; Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity; We The People Theatre
  • PSYCH 53.10: Social & Affective Motivations in Decision-Making     (Luke Chang)
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​AVA Art Gallery; City of Lebanon (Solid Waste and Recycling); Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC)-Arts
  • ​​PSYCH 80.​​​​​04: Neuroscience of Obesity (Ann Clark)
    • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC); Community Health Department
  • SART 17: Digital Design (Karol Kawiaka)
    • Senior Solutions
  • SART 66/69: Architecture II/III (Karol Kawiaka)
    • Norwich Public Library; Upper Valley Humane Society (UVHS)
  • SOCY 10: Quantitative Analysis of Social Data (Jason Houle)
    • Upper Valley Community Nursing Project (UVCNP)
  • SOCY 11: Research Methods (Kimberly Rogers)
    • Headrest; National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools (NCSECS), Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC), WISE
  • SOCY 35: Sociology of Mental Health (Jason Houle)
    • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC)-Arts
  • SOCY 65: The Social Psychology of Inequality (Kimberly Rogers)
    • Upper Valley Haven; WISE
  • SPEE 37: Health Communications (Darlene Drummond)
    • Public Health Council of the Upper Valley (PHC)

*PROSPECTIVE* '20W (January 6 - March 6)

  • COMP 76: The Environmental Imagination (Damiano Benvegnu)
    • Upper Valley Land Trust
  • COSC 29.04: Impact Design (Lorie Loeb & Thalia Wheatley)
    • Hartford Austism Regional Program (HARP)
  • EDUC 20: Educational Issues in Contemporary Society (Charlie Wheelan)
    • TBD
  • EDUC 46: STEM and Education (Dave Kraemer)
    • AVA Art Gallery
  • ENGL 54.05: Animal Studies: Therory, Literature, Politics (Christie Harner)
    • Upper Valley Humane Society (UVHS)
  • ENGS 15.02: Senior Design Challenge, part I (Eugene Korsunskiy)
    • TBD
  • ENGS 90: Engineering Design Methodology: Project Completion (Solomond Diamond & Douglas Van Citters)
    • Children's Hospital at Dartmouth (CHaD); Special Needs Support Center (SNSC)
  • ENVS 7.03: Ecopsychology (Terry Osborne)
    • Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park
  • ENVS 80.03: Regenerative Design of the Built Environment (Karol Kawiaka)
    • Hulbert Outdoor Center (within Aloha Foundation)
  • PSYC 54.06: Aging and Life Stories (Bob Santulli)
    • TBD
  • SART 66: Architecture I (Karol Kawiaka)
    • Crossroads Academy; LISTEN Community Services
  • SOCY 54: Chasing the (Casual) Dragon: Intermediate Quantitative Data Analysis for Sociologists (Jason Houle)
    • TBD
  • SPEE 26: How New Media Shape Our Lives: Rhetoric, Theory, and Praxis (Yana Grushina)
    • TBD
  • SPEE 27: Intercultural Communication (Darlene Drummond)
    • Restore Hope - Liberia
  • N/A: Foundations in Social Impact, part I (Leah Torrey & Seth Arico)
    • TBD

*PROSPECTIVE* '20S (March 30 - June 3)

  • ANTH 65: Conservation and Development (Ken Bauer)
    • TBD
  • EDUC 19: Educational Testing (Dave Kraemer)
    • TBD
  • ENGS 15.02: Senior Design Challenge, part II (Eugene Korsunskiy)
    • TBD
  • ENGS 44: Sustainable Design (Karol Kawiaka)
    • Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity
  • ENVS 50: Environmental Problem Analysis and Policy Formulation (Michael Cox)
    • TBD
  • ENGS 7.04: COVER Stories (Terry Osbourne)
    • COVER Home Repair
  • ENVS 80.08: The Practice of SCience Policy and Diplomacy (Melody Brown Burkins)
    • TBD
  • PSYC 54.05: Consumer Neuroscience (Rose Clark)
    • TBD
  • PSYC 81.09: Storytelling with Data (Jeremy Manning)
    • TBD
  • SPEE 20: Public Speaking (Yana Grushina)
    • TBD
  • N/A: Foundations in Social Impact, part II (Leah Torrey & Seth Arico)
    • TBD​​​​​​​

Other Dartmouth groups addressing Social Impact Practicum/SIP projects
     Primary Care Progress (Health Research Consulting Student Group)
     Foundations in Social Impact (First-Year Leadership Program through DCSI)

For more information or to suggest a course that you think could benefit from a Social Impact Practicum, please contact Ashley Doolittle.

DCSI also collaborates with Thayer's Senior Design Challenge to match human-centered design projects proposed by Upper Valley nonprofits with this two-term  senior-level engineering course.

Integrating A SIP into Your Course

Faculty who integrate a Social Impact Practicum into their course receive several layers of targeted support, including:

  • Faculty stipend to support time on teaching and learning
  • Social Impact Learning Fellow to help facilitate community partnership development, logistics, and reflection activities
  • Private consultation and access to 130+ projects to determine the best Social Impact Practicum(s) for your course
  • Dedicated faculty-community partner liaison at Dartmouth's Center for Social Impact to coordinate SIP communication
  • Ongoing support from DCAL, Instructional Design, and other on-campus partners, as needed