'82 Racial Justice Community-Driven Independent Research Grants

The Dartmouth Center for Social Impact awards research grants of up to $1000 to students conducting community-driven or community-partner independent research on issues of race and racial justice. Grants can be awarded in any subject or department.

This award is sponsored by the Class of 1982.

Award Requirements

- If any component of the research project includes travel (within the U.S. or abroad), students must comply with the College's travel guidelines and travel registry policies.

- Students who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents are responsible for determining whether their visa status allows them to receive. This should be done before applying for research funding.

- Research projects must be approved by a sponsoring department and under the guidance of a Dartmouth faculty member.


The application can be found here.

Questions about the program or application can be sent to Tracy.L.Dustin-Eichler@Dartmouth.Edu.