The E.E. Just Program helps graduates, who support the mission of the program, chart pathways to success in STEM by offering a suite of interconnected initiatives designed to meet them where they are along their development arc.

Graduate Fellows

The E.E. Just Graduate Fellows are senior members of the graduate community who serve as role models and near-peer mentors for E.E. Just Undergraduate Fellows, facilitate our weekly "Jam Sessions" and participate in the Science Forum and Science Symposium. As a result of their involvement, the graduate fellows will be better positioned for promising careers in academia and/or industry. Graduate Fellows receive an additional stipend and professional development funds for their service. If you are interested in being an E.E. Just Graduate Fellow, please email the E.E. Just Program. The E.E. Just Graduate Fellowship application is open annually, usually in late spring.

Liftoff Fellows

Awarded to entering graduate students prior to starting at Dartmouth, the E.E. Just Liftoff Fellowship is designed to jumpstart a recipients' academic career through membership in the E.E. Just Community and participation in professional development opportunities.