Program Events

Jam Sessions

Once a week E.E. Just community members meet with the Graduate Fellows to discuss ideas encountered in their coursework, research and internships.

The Jam Sessions are a time for community study hall, raising questions related to STEM subjects, and general discussion. There may be informal expository presentations (e.g., covering a concept learned in class) or students can can focus on a research project. The general discussion time will provide Undergraduate Fellows and other E.E. Just community members with the opportunity to form breakout groups that could delve more deeply into coursework under the guidance of our Graduate Fellows.

E.E. Just Science Forum

The Science Forum features talks by Dartmouth Faculty and visiting scientists over dinner. This is a great opportunity for Scholars to learn more about exciting ideas in STEM and to network with scientists working at the forefront of their fields.

The Science Forum typically meets three to four times per year.

E.E. Just Symposium

Every two years a group of highly acclaimed scientists from academia and industry is invited to Dartmouth to speak at the E.E. Just Symposium. The Symposium provides E.E. Just Scholars and members of the Dartmouth Community with a unique opportunity to interact with top scholars and visionaries from across the spectrum.