Fellowships & Internships

E.E. Just Undergraduate Fellowship

The E.E. Just Undergraduate Fellowship is a two-year fellowship—held during the junior and senior years—designed to increase the number of Dartmouth undergraduates actively supporting the mission of the E.E. Just Community who choose to enter a doctoral program in a STEM discipline after graduation. Recipients will receive funding to pursue full-time research during "leave terms" and, during "residence terms," recipients will receive a stipend to support their full participation in E.E. Just Programming and part-time research. Additionally, Undergraduate Fellows receive a professional development fund, mentorship from an E.E. Just Faculty Fellow, participate in professional development workshops designed to prepare them to thrive in graduate school, and serve as role models within the E.E. Just and Dartmouth Community through their active participation in the full slate of E.E. Just activities.

E.E. Just Summer Internship

The E.E. Just Summer Research Internship offers Dartmouth students the opportunity to conduct full-time research with Dartmouth faculty during the summer preceding their sophomore year. This hands-on experience is intended to increase the intern's interest in majoring in a STEM discipline and plant the seed of possibly pursuing STEM research and innovation further. Summer Interns will live together in Dartmouth housing and attend weekly professional development seminars throughout the internship. During their sophomore year, Summer Interns will have the opportunity to present their findings at a Jam Session.

E.E. Just Internship at the Marine Biological Laboratory

The E.E. Just Marine Biological Laboratory Internship provides Dartmouth undergraduates with the opportunity to conduct research at the world-renowned Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole. The successful applicant will conduct research alongside world leaders in molecular and cell biology, neurobiology and behavior, physiology, developmental biology, and evolutionary biology. This is a great opportunity for a budding scientist curious about the life sciences to immerse themselves in scientific discovery during a 10-week "leave term."