Dartmouth Adventures in STEM

About Our Pre-Orientation Summer Program

CoVID-19 Note:

Dartmouth Adventures in STEM (DAS) is an important component of the E.E. Just Program and the entire E.E. Just Community was looking forward to hosting it this year. However, in light of the current COVID-19 restrictions, we very much regret that we are not in a position to host the program this summer of 2021.  We look forward to being able to welcome our new students to campus in the future, as circumstances allow.

Program Description:

The E.E. Just DAS program is a five-day, pre-orientation summer course that introduces incoming undergraduates to the frontiers of science through mini-courses taught by Dartmouth professors. The classroom discussions are reinforced by daily "Jam Sessions" facilitated by E.E. Just Graduate Fellows. In addition, throughout the week, the E.E. Just Undergraduate Fellows lead students through community building activities. DAS is designed to foster an intellectually and socially cohesive incoming cohort.

The DAS program typically consists of four mini-courses, taught by Dartmouth faculty, that are focused on questions of current interest. The reason for this is two-fold. By focusing on questions at the boundaries of human understanding we hope to increase interest in STEM and give soon-to-be first-year Dartmouth students a taste of what really drives modern science. Second, as this material is likely to be somehwhat unfamiliar, DAS students need to rely on each other in order to facilitate their understanding, which helps build community and encourages collaboration, both of which are key factors of the E.E. Just mission and serve students well in attaining their academic goals.

The summer DAS program has become central to the success of the E.E. Just Program.