Fellowships & Internships

Our  Undergraduate Fellowship (junior and senior year) offers funded part-time and full-time research opportunities.

The first-year Summer Internship includes full-time, residential, on-campus research. 

The Marine Biological Laboratory and the E.E. Just Program jointly fund a residential research term at Woods Hole, MA.


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E.E. Just in a laboratory.

About E.E. Just

Learn more about this pioneering African-American biologist, academic and science writer. 

Program Events

Our interns and fellows have many opportunities to meet experts, learn about new research, and engage with Dartmouth and visiting faculty.

Weekly Jam Sessions on campus, hosted by our graduate fellows in the E.E Just Room, provide mentoring, a chance to present developing research, and a place to enjoy informal community gatherings for undergraduate fellows and for all community members.

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