Named after Ernest Everett Just, a Dartmouth Valedictorian (1907) and a pioneering African-American cell biologist, the E.E. Just Community endeavors to create a STEM ecosystem at Dartmouth (and beyond) in which systemically excluded and racialized minorities can thrive. This will be achieved by illuminating pathways to success through opportunities for intellectual engagement and professional development within a supportive and inclusive community of Dartmouth scientists. 

The Community

We are a vibrant vertically integrated community of scientists bound together by a mutual investment in each other's success and organized to offer support and opportunity through critical transition points. Here's how you might join in.


The E.E. Just Community includes and nurtures undergraduates, who are committed to and actively support our mission, by offering a suite of interconnected initiatives designed to meet them where they are along their development arc. Whether it be:

Graduate Students

The E.E. Just Community endeavors to offer Graduate Students, who are committed to and actively support our mission, the resources they will need while navigating various critical transition points en route to earning a graduate degree (and beyond). By bridging disciplinary boundaries, the E.E. Just Community provides graduate students with intellectual community and peer-to-peer support networks. Our formal initiatives geared towards graduate students include the E.E. Just Liftoff Fellows, who are first-year graduate students committed to the mission of the program, and the E.E. Just Graduate Fellows, who are senior graduate students that serve as near-peer mentors to the undergraduates and beginning graduate students in the community and take a leadership role in organizing our weekly Jam Sessions and other activities. We encourage graduate students to attend our weekly Jam Sessions and other community events.


Beginning in the 2024-2025 academic year, the E.E. Just Community will formally include Senior Faculty Fellows who are committed to our mission. More details to come.


We envision your involvement with the E.E. Just Community will continue even after your time at Dartmouth comes to an end. Towards this end we plan to develop an alumni network over the coming years. More details to come.