Undergraduate Fellowship Program

About the program


The E.E. Just Undergraduate Fellowship is a two-year fellowship—held during the junior and senior years—designed to increase the number of Dartmouth undergraduates actively supporting the mission of the E.E. Just Community who choose to enter a doctoral program in a STEM discipline after graduation. Recipients will receive funding to pursue full-time research during "leave terms" and, during "residence terms," recipients will receive a stipend to support their full participation in E.E. Just Programming and part-time research. Additionally, Undergraduate Fellows receive a professional development fund, mentorship from an E.E. Just Faculty Fellow, participate in professional development workshops designed to prepare them to thrive in graduate school, and serve as role models within the E.E. Just and Dartmouth Community through their active participation in the full slate of E.E. Just activities.


Sophomores majoring in a STEM discipline who are interested in earning a PhD in a STEM discipline and are committed to the mission of the E.E. Just Community are eligible to apply. As part of the application process, applicants will be asked to identify a research mentor who has agreed to work with them over the course of the fellowship. It is expected that the applicant's research proposal will be developed through close consultation with their proposed research mentor. 


  • Research Funding: each year, fellows are eligible to receive funding to support up to one term of full-time research (i.e., 40 hours per week) during a "leave term" and up to three terms of part-time research (i.e., 8-10 hours per week) during "residence terms". 
  • Professional Development Funding: fellows will receive funds to attend conferences and support other professional development activities.
  • Mentorship: fellows will be mentored by their chosen research mentor, with whom they are collaborating, and (starting in 2024-2025) a E.E. Just Senior Faculty Fellow.
  • Leadership:  Fellows will serve as role models and leaders within the E.E. Just and Dartmouth Community.  In particular, Fellows will participate in aspects of Dartmouth Adventures in STEM our pre-orientation program for students interested in majoring in STEM.
  • Jam Sessions: In line with their leadership role, fellows are required to participate in weekly Jam Sessions. 
  • Study & Community Space: Fellows will have 24-hour card access to the E.E. Just Space (Wilder 113).
  • Quarterly Reports: Each quarter fellows will submit a report summarizing their research findings and experience.


The E.E. Just 2023-2024 Undergradute Fellowhip Application is now closed. The 2024-2025 application window will open again in late 2024 or early 2025.

The Application Process for the EEJUF consists of the following elements:

  1. Faculty Reference Request Form - The E.E. Just Program uses two (2) references as part of a holistic selection process. It is our hope that the references will provide the selection committee with additional insight and perspective regarding your application. The reference request form should really be submitted by two weeks before the application deadline.

    • Faculty Research Mentor Recommender: The research mentor is the Dartmouth faculty member (e.g., professor) with whom you will conduct research during the Undergraduate Fellowship, if you are selected. Therefore, your choice of research mentor is a critical component of your application. We encourage you to identify this person as soon as possible to allow ample time for them to work with you in crafting your research proposal and to develop a mentorship plan. In addition to addressing your research project and your potential for conducting research, we will ask your research mentor to comment on your academic and professional goals, your ability to work collaboratively, and your demonstrated commitment to promoting a diverse and inclusive environment. 

    • General Reference: The E.E. Just Community consists of undergraduates, graduate students and faculty who have a keen interest in STEM and a demonstrated commitment to building an inclusive STEM ecosystem wherein systematically excluded and racialized minorities thrive. Therefore, you should seek a general reference from a Dartmouth faculty or staff member who knows you well as an intellectual being, has insight into your motivation and potential for pursuing research, is familiar with your goals, and understands your demonstrated commitment to the mission of the E.E. Just Program. It will also be helpful if they can speak to your ability to work collaboratively, provide leadership, and/or serve as a mentor.

      Important Notes: 

      (1) In general no one reference can speak to everything. Your goal is to choose a pair of references that will provide as full a picture as possible

      (2) The Research Mentor Reference and General Reference cannot be the same person. 

      (3) If you are applying for the E.E. Just Undergraduate Fellowship (EEJUF), it is important that at least one of your references be able to speak to your motivation and potential for pursuing graduate work in STEM after graduation. References from Dartmouth faculty and staff who have graduate degrees in a STEM discipline have the potential to be particularly effective on this front.

      (4) Please follow up with your references to ensure they meet the deadline.

      (5) For more thoughts on references, please visit our FAQ page 

  2. E.E. Just Undergraduate Fellowship Application Form - Deadline for this and ALL materials will be in early 2025.

    • Personal Information (e.g., name, proposed major(s)/minor(s), etc.)
    • Essay Questions 
    • Research Proposal (written in consultation with your Research Mentor)
  • Mid to Late April 2024: 2023-2024 Finalist Interviews
  • Late April: Announcement of 2024 fellowship recipients.