E.E. Just Graduate Fellowship

About the Fellowship

E.E. Just Graduate Fellows are established members of the Dartmouth graduate community who serve as near-peer mentors and role models for undergraduates and beginning graduate students in the E.E. Just Community. Working in collaboration with the Director, Graduate Fellows design and facilitate E.E. Just Programming, including the weekly "Jam Sessions," the Science Forum, Dartmouth Adventures in STEM (DAS), and our annual Science Symposium. As a result of their involvement with the E.E. Just Program, graduate fellows will be better positioned for promising careers in academia and/or industry.


Eligibility: Students currently enrolled in a masters or doctoral STEM program with a strong interest in the mission of the E.E. Just Program
International students on an F1 visa are encouraged to consult with OVIS to understand how this will interact with their visa requirements.

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per week on average (i.e., 20-30 hours per quarter)



  • Professional Development Fund ($1500/year)
  • Stipend ($500/quarter)
  • Professional Development Training

Tenure: The position is for one academic year and is renewable annually upon mutual interest.


Application Process:

1. Recommendations Request Form - Once you have communicated with your faculty, complete this form to request Faculty Recommendation (1) & Graduate Program Endorsement Form (1); i.e., statement of good standing.
Suggested deadline June 1. Please follow up with faculty to check they have received the notification and are aware of the deadline.

Faculty Recommendation: This should be completed by a faculty member who is familiar with your academic work, intelelctual interests and professional goals. This can be your thesis advisor, the PI of your lab, or someone from whom youve taken a graduate course, but it need not be.  

Graduate Program Endorsement Form: This form, which documents that you are in good standing with your current graduate program, should be filled in by the chair of your graduate program or your thesis advisor. It is not a lengthy or time-consuming form. 

2. E.E. Just Graduate Fellowship Application Form  
Deadline for all materials is June 7.


June 1 Recommendations Request Form (suggested deadline for submission)
June 7 Application Form and ALL MATERIALS Due
Intreviews - late June/early July
Announce New Fellows - mid to late July