About the Program

Summer Enrichment At Dartmouth (SEAD) is an educational access and equity program through Dartmouth’s Center for Social Impact.  SEAD operates on a 4-year cohort model and supports high schools (and SEAD scholars within those schools) for the duration of that timeframe. 

Over those four years, SEAD pairs dedicated Dartmouth students and a curriculum based on educational equity with high-potential, low-income high school students (known as SEAD scholars). 

In addition to ongoing support and mentoring from Dartmouth students throughout the school year, the SEAD scholars return every summer for their four years where they take classes taught by professional educators, explore a multitude of collegiate activities, learn the skills necessary to navigate college—many for the first time in their family—and develop deep relationships with the Dartmouth community.

We are not selecting new high schools or SEAD scholars at this time.

Dartmouth Student Involvement

Dartmouth students can participate in SEAD in the following ways:

(1) During the academic year

(2) During SEAD Summer

SEAD Summer occurs over the span of 2-weeks in mid-July and engages over 150 Dartmouth students, staff, and faculty in a myriad of roles such as tutors/mentors, summer advisors, full-time paid residential staff members, and in positions of leadership.

Paid summer staff positions are open to students that are not taking summer courses and include lodging, meals, activities, and a stipend for the duration of SEAD Summer. 

Students on campus for their sophomore summer are encouraged to engage with SEAD in a volunteer capacity as a mentor.

SEAD will be accepting applications for summer staff and volunteer positions early spring term and the links to the applications will be posted below:

For any questions about SEAD or to learn more, please contact Ashley Doolittle, Associate Director, at [email protected]