Social Impact Internship Funding

Social Impact Internship Funding

Design your own in-person internship experience. Work to support the mission of a remarkable nonprofit, make an impact on an under-resourced community, advance yourself professionally, and receive first-rate mentorship from an alumni mentor. Pick an issue to engage more deeply or a skill you'd like to master and design your internship around that aspiration.

For over 25 years Dartmouth Partners in Community Service (DPCS) has provided funding and mentorship for students wishing to pursue unpaid internships with domestic nonprofits serving under-resourced communities. 

Advising is highly recommended before submitting an application. Meet with our staff or student director of internships to build an effective project plan. 

Use the map below as inspiration and a starting point for researching possible nonprofit community partners.

Where Have DCSI Students Interned?

Internship Eligibility

  • Completed over a leave term
  • 8 - 10 weeks in length for 40 hours per week
  • In-person required. Hybrid internships will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Unpaid
  • With a registered nonpartisan nonprofit serving an under-resourced community in the U.S. or U.S. territories


  • Candid - Database of nonprofits to start your search! Log in with your NetID for premium access
  • MIT Living Wage calculator - Use the housing, food, and transportation sections to craft your budget
  • Reference the University of Washington and Princeton Toolkits for designing an internship that supports your development AND the organization's work
  • Meet with our team on the 3rd floor of South Fairbanks! Our current office hours are as follows:

    -Mondays: 12pm - 4pm

    -Tuesdays: 1:30pm - 3:30pm

    -Wednesdays: 2pm - 4pm

    -Thursdays: 12:30pm - 2pm

    -Fridays: 2pm - 4pm

Application Deadline

  • 24X: April 24 at 4 pm ET

ALL materials - including letter or form of recommendation and Community Service Organization (CSO) agreement - must be submitted by that date.