Pre-Orientation Program

Dartmouth Adventures in STEM (DAS) is a pre-orientation program that introduces incoming E.E. Just Scholars to the world of STEM at Dartmouth.

Pre-Orientation Program for Scholars

Dartmouth Adventures in STEM (DAS) is an exciting weeklong pre-orientation program that introduces invited incoming first-year students to the world of STEM at Dartmouth.

DAS typically consists of four mini-courses, taught by Dartmouth faculty, that are focused on questions of current interest. The reason for this is two-fold. By focusing on questions at the boundaries of human understanding we hope to increase interest in STEM and give Scholars a taste of what really drives modern science. Second, as this material is likely unfamiliar to the Scholars, they will need to rely on each other in order to increase their understanding, which helps them learn the important role collaboration and community play in making progress and attaining success.

DAS has become central to the success of the E.E. Just Program.