Schweitzer Fellows: In the News

Niveditha Badrinarayanan '23 and Akua Frimpong '23

Niveditha Badrinarayanan '23 and Akua Frimpong '23 were presented with the U.S. Public Health Service's 2021 Excellence in Public Health Award. The students were recognized for their Schweitzer project developing the Mentorship Educational Director (MED) program which aims to promote health equity by providing opportunities to youth of color and first-generation college students interested in medicine with access to mentors with whom they can identify (read more here)

Arvind Suresh '23

2020-21 NH/VT Schweitzer Fellow Arvind Suresh '23 has been recognized and awarded the competitive U.S. Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Award, for his Schweitzer project with Arhem Barkatullah that addressed food insecurity in rural Vermont, along with his work organizing community influenza vaccine clinics (read more here)

Joint Fall Retreat with Alabama Schweitzer Fellows

On September 13, Alabama and New Hampshire/ Vermont Schweitzer Fellows explored rural health during for their first virtual midyear retreat.  You can read about the retreat here.

NH/VT Schweitzer Fellows and Fellows for Life are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Movement for Social Justice and the intersection between them. Their actions include:

Arielle King and Jameson Davis

As part of their 2020-21 NH/VT Schweitzer Fellowship project, Arielle King and Jameson Davis have developed an Antiracism Policy and set of procedures for the Hartford, Vt., school district.  Hartford is on track to be the first district in Vermont to have an Antiracism Policy (read about their effort here).  King and Davis are also working with other school districts and organizations across the country to help them develop an Antiracism Policy (read more about that work here).

Raghav Goyal

Fellow for Life Raghav Goyal co-wrote this blog post about the impact of COVID-19 on Burlington's homeless community.  Goyal's Schweitzer project included building relationships with Burlington's vulnerably housed community which put him in a unique position to respond when COVID hit.  He created a GoFundMe page to raise money for supplies that also includes updates from Raghav.

Niveditha Badrinarayanan and Cyrus Thomas-Walker

2020-21 NH/VT Schweitzer Fellows Niveditha Badrinarayanan and Cyrus Thomas-Walker are part of a group of Larner College of Medicine students who developed the Medical Student COVID-19 Action Network (MSCAN).  MSCAN is an online searchable database for all medical student-organized, COVID-19-related service opportunities across the country.  As of May 1, 2020, the MSCAN database contained over 530 activities from 104+ schools in 40 states. There are currently 57 team members and 240 additional contributors. The team has also started a video initiative. (Read a blog about the formation of the initiative here.)

Noorin Damji

Fellow for Life Noorin Damji is part of a group working to get the American Association of Medical Colleges and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education to change their criminal history requirements so that medical students are not intimidated out of participating in social movements and protests (link to the letter in a survey format and a blog post by Noorin's classmate Luke Higgins here).

Arvind Suresh and Matt Fischer

2020-21 NH/ VT Schweitzer Fellows Arvind Suresh and Matt Fischer wrote an article, titled "Rethinking Food Insecurity During a Pandemic: An Equity Based Approach" and published in the Jurist.  Suresh, a medical student, described the collaboration with Fischer, a law student, as a "very insightful experience and we were both able to learn from each other's perspectives in medicine and law."

ASF Collaborative and the Fellows for Life Network

In April, the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship (ASF) Collaborative and the Fellows for Life Network offered a three-part webinar series called "Sparking our Leadership during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Schweitzer Fellowship Approach." Link to Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

2019-2020 NH/VT Fellows and Fellows for Life in the News

Eli Goldberg

On May 17, 2020, students and faculty gathered via Zoom technology to celebrate Commencement for Larner College of Medicine's Class of 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The class chose Schweitzer Fellow for Life, Eli Goldberg, M.D.'20 , as Class Speaker. You can read his remarks here.

Isabelle Yang

Schweitzer Fellow Isabelle Yang was one of the winners of the prestigious the U.S. Public Health Service award.  The nationally competitive award is given to students who are advancing initiatives to improve social justice.  You can read more here.  

Julia MacDonald

Schweitzer Fellow Julia MacDonald was the kick off speaker at the Vermont Womxn's 2020 March.  You can hear her inspiring speech here.  She starts at approximately minute 53.

Emily Donaldson

Schweitzer Fellow Emily Donaldson was featured on Vermont Law School's website here.

Emi Eakin and Rosie Friedman

Schweitzer Fellows Emi Eakin and Rosie Friedman were featured in a segment about their Schweitzer project, GrandPals that brings together children from the J.J. Flynn Elementary School's after school program and residents of the Elderwood at Burlington Nursing Home.  Watch the segment and learn more here.  Emil and Rosie were also interviewed on WCAX TV.  You can see their interview here.

Noorin Damji and Kristina Valentine

For their project, Noorin Damji and Kristine Valentine set out for rural Vermont communities in a well-stocked van every Friday afternoon. Read about how these Schweitzer Fellow's mobile syringe service helped with harm reduction here.