Schweitzer Fellows Application

Application Information

Applications for the 2023-24 Schweitzer Fellowship are now open!

Applications are due February 5th, 2023.


The New Hampshire – Vermont (NH/VT) Schweitzer Fellows Program is a one-year interdisciplinary, mentored Fellowship program that improves health outcomes for under-resourced populations in NH/VT and develops lifelong leaders who are committed to addressing health disparities in the community.  Fellows learn how to:

  • Use their skills and knowledge in real-life situations
  • Become culturally sensitive and compassionate caregivers
  • Understand the impact of social and environmental determinants of health
  • Build capacity for, and commitment to, improving the health status of individuals and communities as well as contributing to social change
  • Work collaboratively and across disciplines in pursuit of a common goal

Upon successful completion of the Fellowship year, Fellows can participate in an alumni network of over 3500 Fellows for Life.


Students must be enrolled in a graduate or professional degree-granting program throughout the Fellowship year (April 2023 - April 2024). 


February 5th, 2023

NH/VT Schweitzer Fellowship Program Application (2023-24)

Before applying, please read the detailed application information

There are two versions of the application: one if you are applying as an individual and one if you are applying with a partner.  Be sure to look over the application carefully and familiarize yourself with the information we are requesting.  If you would like to draft responses before submitting your application, you can also download a Word template for the individual and partner applications. When you are ready, submit your application using the links below.

Submission Links

  • Individual Application Submissions (here)
  • Partner Application Submissions (here)


Questions for assessing if your project is a good fit for a community organization

UVMMC Community Needs Presentation – Video, Presentation Slides 

DHMC Community Needs Presentation – Video, Presentation Slides

Country Health Rankings & Roadmaps - search by county to see pressing health needs

What Works for Health – a tool to help you find examples of evidence-based programs

Rubric The Selection Committee will use this rubric as a guide when assessing Schweitzer Applications.  We expect a rating of 3 will be rare but want you to have a sense of the range of things we are looking for

For more information

For additional information please contact: 
Nancy Gabriel
Director, NH/VT Schweitzer Fellows Program