Foundations in Social Impact

Foundations in Social Impact is a social impact leadership program designed exclusively for first- year Dartmouth students. Students work together to actively interrogate social impact themes and their place as changemakers in society.

Foundations in Social Impact

The world needs innovative, creative, and thoughtful leaders now more than ever.

Dartmouth '27s, discover your leadership style by joining Foundations in Social Impact⁠—then refine it through a guided experience designed to hone your ability to create change during your first year at the College and beyond.

Find your community. Learn best practices in social impact. Complete a real-world nonprofit consulting project. Produce a deliverable that will make you proud.

The skills you learn in Foundations in Social Impact will prepare you to address our most pressing social issues: racial justiceclimate change, food insecurity, international human rights

About the Program

  • Weekly sessions during the Winter and Spring terms
  • Learn best practices in social impact and how to create meaningful change
  • Real world nonprofit consulting challenge 
  • Discover your leadership style, how to communicate effectively, and create community
  • Meet alumni and engage with different areas of campus to learn new strategies for social impact

How to apply

Applications are closed.

Read what program alumni have to say:

Foundations was an integral part of my freshman year, and I cherish the experiences that I had attending workshops, connecting with my teammates, and working on our consulting challenge. One of the most valuable things that I have taken away from the program is the realization that there is no "ideal" social impact changemaker. The workshops, coupled with our consulting challenge, gave me the chance to reflect on who I am as an individual, what strengths and weaknesses I have, what skills I am gifted with, and how I can grow in my own unique way. ~Katherine Arrington '24

Working as communications lead with the Family Place consulting challenge gave me valuable experience communicating in a professional manner, working in an online environment, and navigating teamwork. These are skills that I use daily during my job and will continue to cultivate throughout the rest of my life. ~Marco Allen '23

With the advent of COVID-19 in the US, I wanted to help my home community. Consequently, I joined COVID-19 Greater Charlotte Area Mutual Aid, an organization my friends started that connects individuals in the Charlotte region to meet their needs….However, my experiences from Foundations in Social Impact has taught me that it doesn't matter if our mutual aid helps 100 or 100,000 people. Helping the life of one individual, one life, one person — that's the real social impact. As we continue to support our local community, I cannot express how grateful I am for my experiences in Foundations. ~Joey Chong '22