The E.E. Just Program serves students by helping to focus the energies of faculty committed to our mission and by providing community to support the intellectual growth of faculty from systemically underrepresented minority groups.

Our program director, Prof. Craig Sutton, and our Faculty Advisors, Prof. Robyn Millan and Prof. Kofi Odame are involved year-round with our programming and with the selection of our new undergraduate fellows. Our core faculty members very much appreciate the enormous contribution made by many colleagues from STEM-related disciplines.

Getting Involved

There are various ways in which faculty can directly support the E.E. Just programs and assist our undergraduate participants:

  • Sponsor or nominate an E.E. Just Summer Research Intern
  • Sponsor or nominate an E.E. Just Undergraduate Fellow
  • Become an E.E. Just Faculty Fellow - more information available on this in the fall

Please contact us for more information on how faculty can get involved.