General Information

Posters are designed by individual researchers or research groups to illustrate their research projects. 


Any undergraduate who has conducted research in the sciences over the past year is invited to present a poster at the symposium.

Students doing research individually or as part of a group are eligible to participate, as are students conducting research at Thayer or Geisel.

Poster presentations may involve projects that are complete, in progress, or even in the beginning stages.

Poster Cost

This year, all posters and submissions will be online, and printing will not be necessary for the event or the competitions. 

Students who received funding in the current academic year from WISP or UGAR for research that is presented at the symposium can print their poster in the Evans Map Room at no charge. All other participants should plan to pay a poster printing fee.

About the Poster Session

Virtual presentation guidelines (2021):

Student presenters will upload both a pdf of their poster AND a YouTube link to a video of their presentation.  This video must be shorter than 5 minutes in length.

In-person presentation guidelines (other years):

During the Wetterhahn poster session, student presenters stand beside their posters to explain and/or answer questions about their research to symposium attendees.

Preparing a scientific poster provides students with an opportunity to communicate their research and add to their skill set, particularly if they intend to continue on in the sciences. Developing and presenting a poster is one of the best ways to summarize complex concepts and reduce a project to its key elements. This experience can also be added to student resumes!


All students who wish to present a poster must register. Online registration for 2021 will be available between April 1 and May 9 at this link.

You may co-present with people working on the same project. However, each co-presenter needs to register individually; include the names of other student presenters in your group on your registration form.

Senior Honors Thesis Students 

If you wish to participate in the Christopher G. Reed Science Competition, you must select "senior honors thesis" as your affiliated group and indicate your interest in this competition on the registration form. Additional information about the competition will be provided after the poster registration deadline.

Library Research Award for the Sciences

If you wish to compete for the Library Research Award for the Sciences, indicate your interest on the registration form. Additional information about the competition will be provided after the poster registration deadline.

NOTE: Participants must submit an essay and a bibiliography.