Other Dartmouth Research Programs

Women in Science Project (WISP) Research Internship Program

WISP aims to increase retention of women in the sciences by providing students with access to early research opportunities https://students.dartmouth.edu/wisp/

  • Eligibility: First-year women in any science discipline, and sophomore women in specific disciplines (chemistry, computer science, engineering, math, physics/astronomy). 
  • Number of terms: Two (winter and spring)
  • Payment: Hourly wages ($10/hour for 6-10 hours per week)
  • Application deadline: Fall term
  • Process: Faculty list projects in the WISP online database (available fall term only), and students contact faculty to arrange interviews. Students and faculty both submit preferences, and WISP matches students to faculty mentors based on these preferences and other factors.

Neukom Scholars

Research involving computational techniques in any academic discipline (this includes any research involving data analysis) http://neukom.dartmouth.edu/programs/neukom-scholars.html

Dickey Center Human Development Fellowship

Faculty-mentored research in the field of human development http://dickey.dartmouth.edu/human-development/human-development-fellowship

Stamps Leadership Scholars

Funding for student-designed experiential learning (entrepreneurial idea, research project on or off campus, leadership training, internship, service learning, or other) http://dcal.dartmouth.edu/initiatives/experiential-learning/stamps-scholars-program

Student Experiential Learning Fund

Funding for internships, job shadowing, non-Dartmouth research opportunities, service experiences, conference travel and presentations, professional and leadership training http://dcal.dartmouth.edu/initiatives/experiential-learning