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Social Impact Learning Fellow Applications Due! (for Spring Courses)

Become a Social Impact Learning Fellow! Use this link to access the application and details on Spring SIP courses: https://dartmouth.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9MsFChd25s8WtYV

Friday, February 16, 2018
All Day
South Fairbanks
Intended Audience(s): Public

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Social Impact Learning Fellow with the Dartmouth Center for Social Impact!  Before you apply, here are some helpful FAQs:

What Are Social Impact Learning Fellows?

- Social Impact Learning Fellows are undergraduate students paired with courses who are integrating a Social Impact Practicum (SIP)* into their course.  Their role is to to help facilitate community partnerships, SIP logistics, course-project integration, and bi-directional reflection (from the course content to the experiential learning component with/for community partners and vice versa).

*For the Spring term, the following courses will be integrating a SIP into them (and are therefore eligible for a Social Impact Learning Fellow match):

ANTH 64: The Evolution of Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies with Professor Zane Thayer

ANTH 65: Conservation and Development with Professor Ken Bauer

ENVS 7: COVER Stories with Professor Terry Osborne

ENVS 61: Governing the Environment with Professor Michael Cox

GEOG 50: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with Professor Xun Shi

LATS 37: Migrant Labor in the Upper Valley with Professor Israel Reyes

PBPL 51: Leadership in Civil Society with Professor Ron Shaiko

PH 147: Advanced Methods in Health Science Research with Professor Tracy Onega

PSYCH 54: Living with Dementia with Professor Bob Santulli

SART 64: Architecture I with Professor Karol Kawiaka

SART 66/68: Architecture II/III with Professor Karol Kawiaka


What Does a Social Impact Learning Fellow DO?

- S.I. Learning Fellows earn $12/hour and work an average of 5 hours/week for each course (up to two courses or up to 10 hours/week is possible).  This time is spent supporting students, faculty, and the community partner to effectively integrate the Social Impact Practicum in alignment with the learning goals of the course.  S.I. Fellows meet with the Professor of the course 3-4 times during the term and may attend certain classes as well, depending on faculty preferences and the needs of the specific Social Impact Practicum project.

Are There Any Additional Expectations?

- S.I. Fellows are required to meet weekly as a team for professional development in best practices in social impact work.  This is a time for the group to check-in with one another on the various SIP projects that are being supported that term as well as an opportunity to learn more about critical topics in the social sector regarding how to be the most effective.

To apply (and for additional information), please use the following link:  https://dartmouth.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9MsFChd25s8WtYV

**Applications are due by February 16th**

For more information, contact:
Ashley Doolittle

Events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.