Advising & Tutoring

Student advising, tutoring, and programming will continue during Summer Term through virtual platforms. 

The Native American Program is dedicated to the support of student academic success and well-being through a combination of advising, tutoring, and workshops. 

Student Advising

During 21X, advising meetings will be virtual or over telephone. Students can schedule advising meetings to discuss academic concerns or personal matters that affect their well-being. We connect students with the appropriate campus resources and offices while also guiding students through the process to ensure that they are supported and that their concerns are addressed. 

Schedule an advising appointment:
Bryant Ford, Associate Dean for Community Life and Inclusivity

NAP Peer-to-Peer Tutors

Each term, the NAP offers peer-to-peer tutoring to support the academic wellbeing of Native and Indigenous Students. Peer tutors offer remote sessions with a combination of drop-in hours and one-on-one tutoring. Each tutor has their own schedule (specified in their bio). 

NAP peer tutoring available for the following areas:


Additional campus resources specific to these areas include RWIT, Dartmouth Emerging Engineers, Teaching Science Fellows, and the Tutor Clearinghouse. Students are encouraged to schedule advising meetings with the NAP and their undergraduate dean to ensure their concerns and/or areas of need are optimally supported. 


Maeve Fairbanks is a member of the class of 2022 at Dartmouth and is majoring in English and Creative Writing. She is affiliated with the Red Lake band of Ojibwe. Students can schedule one-on-one tutoring sessions to receive support with paper structure, editing, final review, or general writer's block.

Location: Maeve's Zoom Meeting Room
email Maeve to schedule a meeting time

Science, Math, & Engineering

Mazie Lebowitz is a member of the class of 2023. Mazie is Ojibwe, and a member of Fort William First Nation in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. She is majoring in Biology and anticipates minoring in Native American Studies and/or Global Health. Mazie is also on the pre-med track at Dartmouth. On campus, she is involved in Native Americans at Dartmouth, Nathan Smith Society, and is a member of the Health Access for All campus events committee. Mazie enjoys golfing, skiing, cooking, Sudoku/KenKen puzzles and traveling. She is available during drop-in hours to help with Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, and pre-health advice. 

Tutorials for BIO 11, 13, and 14; CHEM 5
Drop-In Hours: Tues & Thurs, 3:00-4:30pm EST
Location: Mazie's Zoom Meeting Room


Az Javillonar

Az Javillonar is Native Hawaiian and a member of the class of 2023. He is majoring in Engineering Sciences and modifying it with Computer Science for a degree in Computer Engineering. On campus he is actively involved in the Bait and Bullet Club, the EE Just Program, and occasionally works in the Ceramics Studio. Students can schedule one-on-one meetings, group meetings, or stop by during his drop-in hours to receive help. Please contact Az through his email or stop by during his office hours if there is a class that is not on the list (e.g. COSC 1) and he'll try his best to figure something out for you.

Tutorials for PHYS 3 and 4; CS 1

Drop-In Hours: Tues & Thurs, 12:00-2:00pm EST, or by appointment
Location: Native American House


Hayden Compos

Hayden Campos is a member of the class of 2022. He is from the Blackfeet Nation in Browning, Montana. He is majoring in Applied Mathematics with minors in Computer Science and Native American Studies. On campus, Hayden is involved in AISES (American Indian Science and Engineering Society) and the Dartmouth Triathlon Club.

Tutorials for MATH 3 and 8
Drop-In Hours: Mons & Weds, 2:00-3:30pm EST
Location: Native American House

Workshops and Information Sessions

Each term, the NAP hosts workshops and info sessions that support student growth and academic well-being. Information for these sessions is emailed to students each Monday in the NAP Weekly newsletter. Certain workshops and info sessions are also posted on the NAP Facebook page