Native Americans at Dartmouth

Native Americans at Dartmouth (NAD) is a student organization that was founded to support and celebrate Native and Indigenous students at Dartmouth and to bring awareness to cultural and social issues that affect Indigenous people and communities both on-campus and globally. 

About Native Americans at Dartmouth

Native Americans at Dartmouth (NAD) promotes inclusivity, understanding, and respect for all Indigenous people and cultures. It supports opportunities for Indigenous students to share and celebrate what is important to them -- whether that be traditional, contemporary, or anywhere in between. Programming and events sponsored by NAD aim to foster student wellbeing, intercommunity involvement, cultural exchange, and increased visibility of Indigenous people and issues.  

NAD serves as the umbrella organization for various student groups and programs.

NAD, and the student groups under its umbrella, represent the vast interests and social identities of the Native and Indigenous community at Dartmouth. The Native American Program serves as the advisor to these groups. 

Beading Circle
American Indian Science and Engineering Society
Indigenous Agricultural Practices Club
Queer and Still Here

NAD is overseen by a peer-elected Executive Board.

 The Native Americans at Dartmouth Executive Board consists of positions that provide valuable opportunity for leadership growth.

2022-2023 NAD Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Ahnili Johnson-Jennings'23 and Aaní Perkins'23
Hōkūpa'a Presidents: Kalā Harman'23 and Gabe Gilbert'23
Secretary: Sean Smallcanyon'23
Treasurer: Isabella Newman'23
Co-Social Chairs: Cameron Martin'24 and Yazmyn Azure'23
Historian: Emma Tsosie'25
Ivy Native Council Representative: Tonya Tolino'23
Native American Council Representative: TBD