Who We Are

Hokupaʻa is a student-led organization at Dartmouth greatly supported by the Native American Program (NAP). It was created by and for students who are from or are connected to the Pacific Islands.

"Hokupaʻa," meaning "stuck star," is the name of the Northern Star in Native Hawaiian. This particular star has great importance to traditional seafaring and navigation -- Indigenous Islanders throughout the Pacific often relied on this star to find their way about the ocean. We bring light to the story behind the name Hokupa'a to reiterate our commitment to our pan-Pasifika family and our time-honored interconnectivity. Navigation, the ocean, and the stars are some of the main connecting forces of the Pacifc Islands and its peoples. We aim to create a similar space with Hokupa'a as an organization, a connecting force for Pacific Islander students on Dartmouth's campus. 

Hokupa'a is committed to supporting and enriching the educational experiences of Pacific Islanders and Indigenous peoples. Hokupa'a provides a comfortable space for these students, and a vessel to share these cultures with Dartmouthʻs greater community. We are an inclusive group that welcomes people to celebrate our culture and our history.

Annual Lūʻau

The Dartmouth Lūʻau is an annual event that celebrates the existence and representation of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander identity on the Dartmouth campus. Since its initiation, the Dartmouth Lūʻau has brought together communities from across campus, as well as regionally, to celebrate, honor, educate, and share their Native heritage. For the past two years, the Dartmouth Lūʻau has been voted the #1 student organized event by Dartmouth Office of Student Life for inviting the greater Dartmouth community to celebrate and learn through food, song, and dance.

2021-2022 Co-Chairs

To learn more about Hokupa`a or to get involved, contact the 2021-2022 co-chairs. 

Naia Morse '22
Kala Harman '23