Native and Indigenous Pre-Orientation


The Native American Program at Dartmouth supports the success and well-being of Indigenous students through advising, programming, and initiatives dedicated to four main pillars: academic success, personal well-being, community engagement, and personal and leadership development. Each year, the Native American Program, in collaboration with the Admissions Office, hosts the Native and Indigenous Pre-Orientation Program (Pre-O). During Pre-O, first-year Indigenous students are connected with peer mentors, introduced to campus support structures vital to academic success and well-being, and engage in a variety of social/cultural/academic activities.

What can I expect from the Native and Indigenous Pre-O?

The programming of the Native and Indigenous Pre-Orientation Program is similar in scope to other Dartmouth Pre-Orientation Programs. The program is structured to support students with:

  • Introduction to important campus resources (as well as the staff)
  • Understanding how to use campus resources
  • Utilizing the Native American Program
  • Guidance on developing academic and personal wellness
  • Addressing culturally specific concerns
  • And much more...


Is this my community?

Given the diversity of our indigenous community, most students differ in how they connect to their communities and/or to their cultural identity. No matter where you are in your level of connection or identity, this is your community. The Native American Program is here to support your academic success and your well-being.