Indigenous Peoples' Month

Schedule of Events

October 8, 2020

  • 2-3pm ET
    • Join renowned surgeon Dr. Lori Alvord '79, NASA engineer Aaron Yazzie, Astronomy major Ian Stiehl '22, and computational scientist Kai Orton to learn about the impact these phenomenal Indigenous people are making in medicine, artificial intelligence, and on Mars! Watch the Zoom Recording

October 9, 2020

  • 4-5pm ET
    • The Science & Engineering of Masks & Mask-making! Join Abbi Fitzpatrick '22 & alum Darby Raymond-Overstreet '16 to learn about how masks scientifically and effectively keep you safe while also learning how to make a paper mask (no prior mask making skills necessary).

October 12, 2020

  • 4-5pm ET
    • Join us at Moore Plateau to grab a wellbeing kit that includes supplies & ingredients to make mint essential oil, as well as origami mask templates  designed by Darby Raymond-Overstreet '16. On-campus social distancing requirements are mandatory. 
  • 8-10pm ET
    • Upstander Project presents the Emmy Award winning film DAWNLAND and DEAR GEORGINA + a live Q & A.
      • Registration now closed
  • Watch the video
    • A discussion hosted by Native Americans at Dartmouth with ENVS and NAS Professor Nicholas Reo that addresses the topics of health and wellness in Indigenous communities. 

October 15

  • Indigenous Bodies in Motion: a series of videos and posts that celebrate the many ways our Indigenous students fuse their values, interests, and passions to create forms of movement that fuel their mind, spirit, and body. Follow the series on the Bodies in Motion webpage and on the NAP Facebook page

October 16

  • 4-5pm ET
    • Join Erin Bunner '22 to celebrate the many ways that our Indigenous community members maintain their wellbeing through motion and discuss how the contemporary concept of exercise is being indigenized. Learn how you can integrate ways of motion that feel authentic to your identity into your daily life!

October 21

  • 6-7pm ET
    • Centering Indigenous Knowledges in a "NEBULOUS" Moment
      • A virtual panel discussion hosted by The Hood Museum and moderated by Jami Powell (Osage Nation), Associate Curator of Native American Art. 

October 24

  • 3pm ET
    • The Ali'i Trusts & Native Hawaiian Wellness
      • The Ali'i trusts serve as a continued legacy of the Native Hawaiian Monarchy and are dedicated to the advancement and betterment of Native Hawaiian people. 
      • This virtual event is presented by Dartmouth Hokupa`a and features Dr. Diane Paloma, CEO of the King Lunalilo Trust and Home.

October 29

  • 4-5pm ET
    • Well For Culture: A Virtual Presentation Centered on the Seven Circles of Wellness
      • Hosted by Native Americans at Dartmouth, this virtual conversation features Chelsey Luger '10 (Turle Mountain Band of Chippewa and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe) and Thosh Collins (Onk-Akemiel-Authum and Wazazi) who are the co-founders of Well For Culture, an Indigenous wellness initiative that aims to reclaim and revitalize Indigenous health.
      • Watch the recording of the event

November 6

  • 8pm ET
    • Indigenous Fashion and Design Showcase
      • Hosted in collaboration by Native Americans at Dartmouth, Hokupa'a, the Native American Program, and the Hood Museum. This virtual event includes a fashion show and a judged competition of masks that have been designed and created by our Native and Indigenous community members. 
      • Recording of the event will be available soon

November 12

  • 8pm ET
    • Hop @ Home presents an evening of traditional and contemporary Indigenous storytelling with artist and drag performer J Miko Thomas. View for more information.

November 15

  • All Day
    • Show us how you #RockYourMocs. Use the hashtag to share on social media.