Native American House Residency Expectations

The Native American House is sponsored by the Native American Program. Applications are overseen by Residential Education and the Living Learning Communities.


  • Residents agree to participate in at least two of the Program Elements listed in the NAH Program Description and attend at least two of the special events programs for NAH residents each term. 
  • The NAH is a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free space for residents and guests at all times. 
  • Residents agree to maintain the cultural and social integrity of the NAH through their respectful behavior toward fellow residents and through appropriately respectful and welcoming behavior toward anyone who enters the NAH.
  • Residents agree to take reasonable steps to inform themselves of culturally appropriate behaviors applicable to the NAH. Inappropriate behaviors should be reported to the UGA, live-in advisor, or the Native American Program. 
  • Non-compliance with the above conditions may result in actions up to and including termination of the contract to live in the NAH.