Pillars of the Native American Program

We strive to make Dartmouth a respectful and welcoming environment where all cultural identities are celebrated.Given the diversity of our indigenous community, most students differ in how they connect to their communities and/or to their cultural identity. No matter where Native and Indigenous students are in their level of connection or identity, this is their community. 

The mission of the Native American Program is to support the well-being and success of Indigenous students at Dartmouth through programming and initiatives dedicated to four main pillars: Academic Support, Well-Being, Community Engagement, and Personal and Leadership Development.


Academic Support

The Native American Program is committed to supporting the academic well-being of indigenous students at Dartmouth by providing:

  • 1:1 Academic Guidance
  • In-house writing and math tutors
  • Staff/Peer support system that provides a guided bridge to institutional resources.


We recognize that the physical and emotional well-being of students is intricately tied to academic wellness. The Native American Program supports student wellness by providing initiatives such as:

  • Study breaks during finals that help incorporate balance into a busy time period.
  • Space to meet 1:1 with the Director to explore and reflect on challenging feelings/transitions/experiences.
  • Workshops that address wellness and well-being specific to Indigenous students at Dartmouth


Community Engagement

We are an inclusive community that supports one another through friendship, guidance, and understanding. The vibrancy and strength of our community is a result of the collective participation from Native and Indigenous students. The Native American Program works to support community engagement through:

  • Programming that strengthens Indigenous identities and community ties.
  • Advising of student-organizations in their creation of events and activities which promote relationship building. 

Personal and Leadership Development

The Native American Program assists students in building their scholarly and leadership capacity by guiding, affirming, and strengthening the forms of leadership Native and Indigenous students provide to Dartmouth, to their home communities, and to the world. We demonstrate our commitment to this pillar through:

  • Partnerships with programs and people that provide mentoring, guidance, and opportunities related to internships, graduate program preparation, job search readiness, and leadership development.
  • Collaborations with Dartmouth faculty and staff, as well as tribal communities, to assist Native and Indigenous students in their personal, social, intellectual and ethical development so they can become life-long learners and responsible leaders in our global society.
  • The creation and promotion of leadership opportunities within our program, coupled with mentoring students in these roles.