The 52nd Annual Dartmouth College Powwow will be held on Saturday, May 11th, 2024. 

2024 Dartmouth Powwow



The Dartmouth Powwow is organized by a student committee and supported by the Native American Program. 

The 52nd Annual Dartmouth Powwow committee is led by:

  • Co-Chairs: Sydney Hoose '25; Garry Hook '25
  • Vice-Chairs: Brooke Moore '26; Olivia Colbert '27 ; Wamniomni Afraid of Hawk '27  

History of Dartmouth Powwow

⁠Over the years, Powwow has cultivated a celebration of Indigenous cultures and traditions for the ever-growing Indigenous population at the College. The inaugural Dartmouth College Powwow took place in 1972, shortly after Dartmouth President John Kemeny recommitted the institution to its foundational promise of educating Native peoples. Since then, over 1,200 Indigenous students have graduated from Dartmouth.⁠⁠

While the Green is an obvious spot for the event given its centrality, this location was not always guaranteed. In fact, Native Americans at Dartmouth (NAD) had to advocate for their use of the area. For its first 23 years, Powwow was held at various sites, including Collis, Storrs Pond, and Bema in College Park. When Native Americans at Dartmouth and the Powwow Committee first proposed that the event be moved to the Green, Dartmouth denied their request. Members of the Native community subsequently circulated a petition which gained upwards of 700 signatures from individuals who supported Powwow's relocation; efforts would ultimately be successful, with Dartmouth reversing the decision.⁠ Since 1995, it has taken place there every year since. Powwow is one of only five activities that claim the Green as their designated and permanent venue.

In 1971, newly inaugurated President John Kemeny pledged to address the historical lack of opportunities for Native Americans in higher education. Due to his efforts, Dartmouth College has one of the strongest and most diverse Native American communities among the academic community. It was during the Kemeny Administration that NAD held it's first Powwow. The Powwow has since grown in both size and scope. What was once a small gathering at Storr's pond, and later at the Bema, is now an event that attracts upwards of 1,500 people from all over the country.

In addition to being recognized as one of the six traditional events that the College allows to commence on the Green, the Dartmouth Powwow also has the distinction of being the second largest event of its kind in the entire Northeast (second only to Schemitzun, an event sponsored by the Mashantucket Pequot Nation).

The Dartmouth Powwow brings together all facets of our community. The Powwow is an opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and administration from all the Dartmouth Communities, and the Upper Valley to see and participate in Native American culture from many different tribes and traditions. 

*This description is derived from a past exhibit at Rauner Library, "Indigenizing an Institution," curated by our Special Collections Fellow, Sydnie Ziegler '22.⁠" 

Vendor Applications

Anticipation for Dartmouth's 52nd Annual Powwow is building and we are excited to welcome potential vendors! 

Vending applications are open and due by Wednesday, April 24th, 2024. Apply today here

Decisions are made on a rolling basis and will be made no later than Tuesday, April 30th, 2024.

Late applications and day-of vendor applications will not be considered. An application does no guarantee a vendor spot. Due to limited booth space, an application does not guarantee a vendor spot. Being a vendor in previous years also does not guarantee a booth.

Questions? Reach out to Powwow@dartmouth.edu