Peer Mentor Program

About PMP

WISP's Peer Mentor Program (PMP) was founded in 1992 by two juniors looking to build a community of undergraduate women in the STEM. Sophomore, junior, and senior women mentor first-year women, providing insider information, advice, and guidance about STEM at Dartmouth.

There are two to four PMP Student Coordinators (one to two juniors and one to two senior) who manage the program with oversight from WISP.


Any undergraduate woman with an interest in STEM fields is eligible to participate. First-year women are matched with upper-class mentors based on mutual STEM interests.

Time Commitment

Participants attend a fall Kick-off Dinner that all participants are expected to attend. After that, mentors and mentees are expected to meet or touch base at least twice monthly - and you are certainly welcome to meet more often!

Additional networking, informational, and social activities happen during the year (usually 1 or 2 per term) that participants are encouraged but not required. 


Applications for mentors and first-year mentees will be accepted Fall term.  Applications go up September 10.

REMINDER:  Sign-up deadline is Wednesday, September 29, 2021.  

2021-2022 Mentor Application (for sophomore, junior, and senior women).

2021-2022 Mentee Application (for 1st-year women).

Testimonials from Mentees

“I was amazed at how much our interests matched and how much really useful encouraging, comforting information she could give me.”

“My mentor gave me a lot of advice on courses to take and when to take them–that was extremely helpful!”

“My mentor was great, we got along really well, and it was nice to have someone interested in the same things I am, talk about majors and classes and other fun stuff. I am glad I got to meet her - that was the most valuable aspect.”