Other Research Opportunities

There are many ways to participate in research at Dartmouth

If you are not matched or if you decide that a WISP internship isn't right for you, there are many other ways to get involved in research throughout your time at Dartmouth.

WISP Scholars Program

We are thrilled to offer a self-paced Canvas course that aims to provide students, particularly those in their first year, with the foundational skills and training to conduct science research. Over the winter and spring terms, participants will complete training modules, attend journal clubs and a lab tour, and complete a capstone project in order to be certified as a WISP Scholar.

To self-enroll, go to visit the course page and log in with your Dartmouth credentials, then click "Enroll in Course."


The Office of Undergraduate Advising & Research offers both part-time opportunities and full-time, leave-term grants as well as ways to search for externally-funded research.

Other campus resources