General Guidelines

Tips for Successful Mentorship

  • Make her feel welcome. Introduce her to others in your lab group if relevant.
  • Articulate goals and expectations both short term and longer term. These may need to be adjusted over time.
  • Stay in communication. Not just about the project but about her academic and career plans.
  • Give and ask for feedback on regular basis. Neutral or lack of feedback may be interpreted as negative feedback.
  • Keep in mind that time management is the biggest challenge reported by interns. Factors such as stress, the fast-pace of academic terms, illness, or insufficient supervision are primary reasons problems can arise.
  • Provide guidance and feedback on the poster her Wetterhahn Science Symposium poster in the spring. If you have more than one undergraduate working with you, they are welcome to present a group poster rather than individual posters.

Contact the WISP office sooner rather than later if issues arise.