Printing Your Poster

You may have access to a plotter printer through your faculty mentor's department. There is also a plotter printer in Evans Map Room in Baker-Berry Library.

Do not wait until the day of the Symposium to print your poster!

Printing at the Map Room

Printing stops 30 minutes prior to the Evans Map Room closing time. Check Map Room hours before going to print your poster

Once the Map Room staff approve your poster for printing, you can leave and pick up your poster at a later time. They will hold it for you until you return.

Students who received funding in the current academic year from WISP or UGAR for research that is presented at the symposium can print their poster in the Evans Map Room at no charge.

Poster tubes are also available for purchase in the Map Room. Contact the Map Room for availability and pricing.

Poster size and orientation

Set this before you start creating the poster, using the "page setup" menu.

  • Required size: 48" wide by 36" high (size must be in inches)
  • Orientation: landscape view (not portrait)

File format

  • Bring both the finalized PowerPoint file and the PDF file of your poster on a USB drive to the Map Room or save to cloud storage.
  • The Map Room computers are for printing only and the Map Room staff are not equipped to help you design your poster or modify your file so that it prints properly.
  • How to make a PDF
    • PC users: Under the “Office button” choose “Save As” then “Adobe PDF”
    • Mac users: see instructions below on making a PDF of your powerpoint poster

Making a powerpoint PDF on a Mac

  • With your poster file open, go to “file” on the menu bar and select “print”
  • From the “paper size” pull-down menu, select “manage custom sizes...”
  • On the left, towards the bottom, click “+”
  • The word “untitled” will appear in the list above. Double-click on this and rename it “poster.”
  • Change the settings as follows:
    • Page size: width 36 in, height 48 in
    • NOTE:  height and width are the reverse of the actual poster. This is because the roll of paper in the printer is 36 inches wide so the poster actually prints sideways.
    • Printer margins: top 0 in, right 0 in, left 0 in, bottom 0 in
  • Click “okay” in the three pop-up windows to close “page setup.”
  • Go to “file” on the menu bar and select “print” (your poster should appear in the window in the correct orientation).
  • At the bottom left corner, click on “pdf” and then “save as pdf.”
  • Name the document with the “.pdf” extension.
  • Open the resulting pdf file and make sure that everything looks the way you intended.
  • Go to "file" on the menu bar, select "save as other," and then select "optimized PDF" from the menu that pops out. Leave the settings set to "Standard" and click OK.
  • Upload the digital version of your poster to this year's Wetterhahn Box folder. Refer to the email sent to you from for more information.

Printing in other locations

If you intend to print your poster at a department plotter printer or other vendor, like Gnomon Copy, be aware of the following:

  • Some plotter printers, like the one at Thayer School, scale up. Consult with department staff to ensure that you actually print a 48" wide by 36" high poster.
  • Posters printed larger than 48" wide by 36" high must be trimmed in advance. Oversized posters will not be accepted at registration on the day of the event.
  • Students who do not print at the Evans Map Room are responsible for paying printing fee(s). UGAR does not reimburse these charges.