Academic Departments and Programs

Contact information, location, and links to department web pages

Academic Departments and Programs

Most academic department/program websites maintain detailed information on courses, majors/minors, off-campus programs, and other offerings. Listed below are the most recent calendar of courses for departments and programs that provide such a list.  We update this list from time to time as more information becomes available, but when in doubt, you can contact the Chair of the department or the Departmental Administrator.


African and African American Studies (AAAS)

Choate House • 646-3397 • 

Chair: Professor Ayo Coly, For pre-major advice, please contact: Professor Ayo Coly

Upcoming Courses



Silsby Hall, Room 408 • 646-3256 •  

Chair:  Jesse Casana, Department Administrator: 


Art History

Carpenter Hall • 646-2306 • (Chair) 


Asian Societies, Cultures, and Languages

Anonymous Hall, Room 221 • 646-0434 •

Program Administrator: Britny Town For pre-major advice, contact Professor Allen Hockley (Chair)


Biological Sciences

Life Sciences Center, Room 130 • 646-3847 •    

Chair:  Thomas Jack



Burke Laboratory • 646-2501 •  For pre-major advice, contact Prof. F. Jon Kull, Prof. Dale Mierke, or Prof. Michael Ragusa.



Reed Hall, Room 201 • 646-3394 • (Chair); For pre-major advice, contact Prof. Margaret Graver.


Cognitive Science

Reed Hall, Room 201 • 646-0336 • 

For pre-major advice, contact Adina Roskies (Chair),


Comparative Literature

Reed Hall, Room 201 • 646-2912 •  For pre-major advice, contact Prof. Larry Kritzman


Computer Science

Sudikoff Laboratory, Room 203  

For pre-major advice, contact:

Prasad Jayanti (Summer term, 646-8891)

Xia Zhou (Fall term, 646-8871)

Deeparnab Chakrabarty (Winter, 603-359-7803)


Earth Sciences

Fairchild Hall, Room 227 • 646-2373 •  For pre-major advice, contact Prof. Leslie Sonder.



Rockefeller Hall, Room 311 • 646-2538 •



Raven House • 646-9043  

For advice about the Education Minor, contact Prof. Michele Tine.


Engineering Sciences

Thayer School of Engineering • 646-2888 • (Admin.)   Most full time ENGS faculty serve as pre-major advisors. Contact Jenna Wheeler for more information.


English and Creative Writing

Sanborn House, Room 201 • 646-2316  

Contact the department administrator, Kate Gibbel, 646-2316


Environmental Studies

Steele Hall, Room 112 • 646-2838 • (Admin)  

For pre-major advice, contact Kim Wind or Prof. Doug Bolger.


Film and Media Studies

Black Visual Arts Center, 2nd Floor • 646-3402 •  

For pre-major advice, contact Prof. Mary Flanagan or Paula Holwera.


French and Italian (FRIT)

178/179 Berry Library • 646-2400 •  

Questions about programs and classes can also be directed to Chair, Prof. David LaGuardia.



Fairchild Hall, Room 117 • 646-3378 • (Faculty)  

For pre-major advice, contact Prof. Christopher Sneddon.


German Studies

Dartmouth Hall, Room 333 • 646-2408 •

For pre-major advice, contact Chair: Klaus Mladek



Silsby Hall, Room 211 • 646-2544 •



Carson Hall, Room 300 • 646-2545 •  

For pre-major advice, contact Prof. Jennifer Miller (vice-chair).



261 Haldeman Center • 

Director:  Rebecca Biron  Contact:


Institute for Writing and Rhetoric

37 Dewey Field Road, Room 233 • 646-9748 •

Director: James E. Dobson.


Jewish Studies

Reed Hall, Room 201 • 646-0475 •  

For pre-major advice, contact Prof. Susannah Heschel.


Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies (LALACS)

Raven House, Room 202 • 646-1640 • (Admin)  

For pre-major advice, contact Matthew Garcia (Chair).



Anonymous Hall, Room 221 • 646-0332 • Department Administrator: Britny Town 

For pre-major advice, contact Professor James Stanford (Chair)



Kemeny Hall, Room 337 • 646-3179 •  

For pre-major advice, contact Prof. Erik van Erp at


Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Carson Hall, Room 210 • 646-9280 • 

For pre-major advice, contact Cecilia Gaposchkin or Christopher MacEvitt


Middle Eastern Studies Program

Reed Hall Room 207 • 646-2861 •

Program Administrator:  Thomas Pike Chair: Christopher MacEvitt



Hopkins Center, Room M7 • 646-3531 •  

For pre-Major advice, contact Prof. William Cheng.


Native American and Indigenous Studies

Sherman House • 646-3530 •  

For pre-Major advice, contact Prof. Bruce Duthu.



Thornton Hall • 646-8172 • 

For pre-major advice, contact Prof. Amie L. Thomasson, Chair of Philosophy


Physics and Astronomy

Wilder Laboratory, Room 105 • 646-2854 •  

For pre-major advice, contact Prof. Jim LaBelle.


Psychological and Brain Sciences (PBS)

Moore Hall • 646-3181

Department Chair: Bradley Duchaine. For pre-major advice, contact Professor Ann Clark. Department Administrator: Julia Abraham


Public Policy

For more information, contact Professor Ronald Shaiko or Laura Mitchell, program officer, at (603) 646-2229.


Quantitative Social Science

Silsby Hall, Room 211 • 646-2544 •  

For pre-major advice, contact Prof. Michael Herron (6-2693) or Andrew Coombs (6-9595).


Dartmouth Consortium of Studies in Race, Migration, and Sexuality (RMS)

Contact: or 



Thornton Hall • 646-3738 •  

For pre-major advice, contact Prof. Reiko Ohnuma.


Russian Language and Literature

Reed Hall, Room 204 • 359-9287 •  

For pre-major advice, contact Prof. Victoria Somoff.



Blunt Hall, Room 302 • 646-2554 • (Chair)


Spanish and Portuguese

Dartmouth Hall, Room 218 • 646-1462 • (Admin.)


Studio Art

Black Visual Arts, Room 302 • 646-2285 •



Hopkins Center, Shakespeare Alley Room 110 • 646-3104 •  

For pre-major advice, contact the chair, Prof. Dan Kotlowitz.


Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS)

Baker Library, Room 200B • 646-2722 •  

For pre-major advice, contact Dennis Washburn (chair) or Bevan Dunbar (administrator).