Meeting With Advisees

Guidelines for discussions with advisees.

Discussion Topics

It is appropriate to spend about 30 minutes with each of your advisees each term. Your advisee has been instructed to come prepared to these meetings. You are not expected to know about the entire curriculum, about every course of study, or the answer to every question, but we do ask that you review basic requirements with your advisees. We have provided some materials here to help answer these questions if they come up in a meeting.

That said, you will be most helpful to your advisees if you can engage them in a larger discussion of their aims for their Dartmouth experience, and if you can show them how they might connect individual decisions about academic and curricular choices with their larger academic and life goals. You are not there to make decisions for your advisees, and it must be clear to them that ultimately their decisions are their own. But we hope you can participate in the process and help them see some of the various implications of their decision making.

Requirements for graduation

  • Writing 5 (or equivalent)
  • First-Year Seminar
  • Language through Level 3 (or equivalent)
  • 10 Distributive requirements
  • 3 World Culture requirements
  • 1 Major
  • 3 PE credits*
  • Pass a swim test*
  • 35 total course credits

Students and faculty can determine fulfillment of these requirements by reviewing information in DartWorks.

*As a result of Covid, the swim and PE requirements depend upon year in which a student graduates (not class year).  Be sure to review specific requirements in DartWorks.

Accessing Student Information

To access information about your advisees, log in to Banner Student with your Dartmouth credentials.