'82 Upper Valley Community Impact Fellowship


The '82 Upper Valley Community Impact Fellowship ('82 UVCI) enables students to build a long-lasting impact in the place they call home for four years while studying at Dartmouth College. Fellows grow as leaders, develop professional and social impact skills, and learn about the local community. '82 UVCI Fellows are paired with a local social impact organization and spend 2-3 on-terms working part-time with the organization and one term working full-time for the organization. This arrangement fosters deep and meaningful relationships between the Fellow and the local community, and also allows time for Fellows to accomplish large-scale change.

In the past Fellows have tackled projects on a variety of social impact issue areas from public health to local food systems, from education to civic engagement.

Fellowship Criteria:

  • Must be completed over 2-3 on-terms and one leave term
  • Fellow will work part-time on the '82 UVCI Fellowship during on-terms and full-time during one leave term
  • Fellow will receive up to $7500 for the entire Fellowship
  • Fellow must be a second-, third-, or fourth-year undergraduate student
  • Fellow will be mentored by DCSI staff and '82 UVCI Advisory Committee


Check back soon for updated application materials and fellowship projects.