Native Americans at Dartmouth

Native Americans at Dartmouth

NAD is the organization on campus for all students interested in the Native community at Dartmouth. Every year NAD sponsors a variety of activities including discussion forums, dance parties, Native-interest lectures, and intramural competitions. Students also gain valuable leadership experience by participating on NAD Executive Board.

The 2018-2019 Executive Board includes:

Co-Presidents: Polimana Joshevama '19 and Shelbi Fitzpatrick '19

Secretary: Jennie Harlan '20 (Interim for Fall 2018: Muriel Ammon '21)

Treasurer: Wyatt Williams '19

Co-Social Chairs: Steven Jump '21 (Interim for Fall 2018: Tia Folgheraiter '21) and Shelby Snyder '21

Historian: Alex Hawley '19