Rhodes Scholarships About & Eligibility

About the Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarship supports an international cohort of students for at least two years in a degree program at Oxford University. Thirty-two Rhodes Scholars come from the United States each year with other Rhodes scholars coming from countries around the world. Due to a recent expansion of the scholarship, applicants from countries not represented in existing Rhodes constituencies are eligible to apply to the Rhodes Global Scholarship. US, Canadian, and Global Rhodes Scholarship applicants must be nominated by Dartmouth College.

The Rhodes Scholarship criteria, set forth in the will of Cecil Rhodes, include academic excellence as the first criteria. Beyond academic achievement, Rhodes Scholars are expected to have "great personal energy, ambition for impact, and an ability to work with others and to achieve one's goals. In addition, a Rhodes Scholar should be committed to make a strong difference for good in the world, be concerned for the welfare of others, and be conscious of inequities. And finally, a Rhodes Scholar should show great promise of leadership." The criteria can be summarized as "intellect, character, leadership, and commitment to service." (Quotes taken from the Rhodes Trust, 2015). Please note that Rhodes applicants do not need to be athletes.

All Rhodes applicants should be aware of the Rhodes policy concerning the Personal Statement. 

  • You are prohibited from receiving any assistance with the content, writing, editing, or review of the Rhodes Personal Statement.
  • All applicants are required to read the Personal Statement guidelines on the Rhodes website.


  • Applicants from one of the Rhodes eligible countries must apply for the Rhodes Scholarship for that country; all other applicants may apply for the Global Rhodes Scholarship.

The following information primarily applies to applicants from the United States, Canada, and those eligible for a Global Rhodes Scholarship. These individuals must seek a nomination from Dartmouth.

Candidates for the United States, Canada, and the Global Rhodes Scholarship must:

  • be a U.S. or Canadian citizen or lawful permanent resident, DACA recipient, or citizen of a country not covered by an existing Rhodes Scholarship
  • be age 18, but not yet 24, by October 1 of application year or be up to a maximum age of 28 if the first undergraduate degree was earned within the last 2 years
  • have academic standing sufficiently advanced to assure completion of a bachelor's degree before October 1 of year following application

Application Process

Dartmouth's UK Awards process is designed to provide applicants with feedback throughout the process. 

As a first step, read the Rhodes website carefully, including guidance on the types of programs funded and eligibility.

Dartmouth endorses students each year for the US, Canadian, and Global Rhodes Scholarships. To learn how to apply for endorsement and see relevant deadlines, including for Early Feedback, read about Dartmouth's Rhodes Application Process on the Canvas site.