DAAD Study Scholarships

About the Scholarship

DAAD Study Scholarships fund highly qualified students of all disciplines to participate in post-graduate study in Germany. Applicants should have a well-defined study or research project that makes a stay in Germany essential. Preference will be given to applicants who have either been admitted to a German host institution or can prove that they have established contact with a host institution. Since many graduate programs in Germany are taught in English, German language ability is not necessarily a requirement. To explore graduate programs in Germany, the DAAD recommends visiting this website: Study in Germany.

Graduate study scholarships cover one academic year (10 months) with the possibility of a one-year extension for students in Master's degree programs to complete a full degree course in Germany.


Candidates must:

  • Graduating seniors or alumni. Applicants must be enrolled full-time at an accredited university when applying.
  • Have a well-defined study project that makes a stay in Germany essential. All fields are eligible. Preference will be given to applicants with invitations from a German university faculty member to study in a particular department. To explore graduate programs in Germany, the DAAD recommends visiting this website on studying in Germany: Study in Germany
  • Have good command of German if applying to a program taught in German.
  • Not hold another German or German-American organization/German-Canadian organization award concurrent with a DAAD grant.
  • Be younger than 32 at start of grant.

Candidates applying for study in dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine should contact DAAD for special guidelines.

Prior DAAD grant recipients should contact DAAD New York to determine eligibility.

All nationalities are welcome to apply. Foreign nationals must have studied at an accredited US or Canadian university for at least two years. All foreign nationals must contact DAAD New York before applying to determine eligibility.

Application Process

To learn how to apply for nomination and see relevant deadlines, please see our Canvas site.

Dartmouth Winners


Thomas Lane '24 (Declined)


Jonah Hirsch '22


Stephen Valeri GR '21


Christopher Kymn '18 and Trevelyan Wing '14


Claire Park '16 and Annelise Sauter Ortiz '16


Bay Lauris ByrneSim '15, Maia Salholz-Hillel '15 and Alice Wang '16


Ellen Nye '14 -  German-Turkish Relations, Freie Universität Berlin

Trevy Wing '14 - European Studies, Freie Universität Berlin


Jane Cavalier '14 - Art History

Saida Makhmudzade '14 - Study on Immigration