Senior Law Prizes

Awards for current seniors who are intending to pursue a career in the law

About the Fellowship

Senior Law Prizes support graduating seniors who intend to enroll in law school in the future (either in the following academic year or within the next five years). All applicants submit the same application, explaining whether they have already been accepted into law school and/or when they plan to apply. 

Depending on the prize, students either receive the funding when they matriculate into law school or the summer after their Dartmouth graduation. 


  • Be a Dartmouth College graduating senior (alumni are not eligible to apply)
  • Have a record of outstanding achievement
  • Plan to attend an accredited law school
    • Applicants do not need to have applied for law school admission to apply and be competitive for these awards

Application process

All applications are due May 1 (of your senior year) by 11:59 p.m. EDT and must be submitted online. Application materials and instructions are available on the Canvas site

Recipients are selected by the Committee on Graduate Fellowships. 

Award amounts vary by year and are funded by endowments that have specific criteria.