Dartmouth Graduate Study Fellowships

Dartmouth postgraduate study fellowships provide support to graduating seniors and alums (within 5 years) who plan to matriculate in a graduate degree program the following academic year.  

About the Fellowship

Dartmouth postgraduate study grants support graduating seniors and alums (within 5 years) who plan to attend graduate school in the following academic year. All applicants submit the same application, in which they explain the category to which they are applying: 

  • Study in the US (not at Harvard) -- eligible for Dartmouth General Fellowships. Applicants to PhD programs and medical schools are not eligible. Applicants to law and business schools are discouraged. 
  • Study at Harvard -- eligible for the Priest Fellowship. Applicants to PhD programs in the Arts and Sciences are not eligible. 
  • Study outside the US -- eligible for the Reynolds Scholarship. Applicants to overseas law, business, and medical schools are not eligible. 

Any award is contingent on acceptance and enrollment in the specified graduate program. 


General eligibility guidelines

  • Graduating seniors or recent undergraduate alumni/ae (within the last 5 years)
  • Preference for applicants who will be beginning the first year of graduate study
  • Preference is given to students/alumni who have not previously been awarded post-graduate funding from Dartmouth. Previous recipients of the Brooks or Reynolds are not eligible to apply again.
  • Financial need may be a consideration in the selection process
  • Must have submitted an application to graduate school
    • Plan to matriculate in the upcoming fall semester 
    • Award is contingent on acceptance and enrollment
    • Applications for graduate study already completed will not be considered

Application process

All applications are due April 1 and must be submitted online. Application materials and instructions are available on the Canvas site

Recipients are selected by the Committee on Graduate Fellowships

  • Award amounts vary by fellowship (generally $5000 to $25,000) but are not intended to cover your entire graduate school costs 
  • Fellowships are funded by endowments that have specific criteria

Recipients are expected to write mid-year and/or final reports updating Fellowship Advising on their progress.