Fellowships for Graduate Study

Application deadline

April 15 (at 11:59pm)


General eligibility guidelines

  • Graduating seniors or recent undergraduate alumni/ae (within the last 5 years)
  • Applicants applying for a Graduate Study Fellowship may not apply for a Postgraduate Project Fellowship in the same year
  • Preference for applicants who will be beginning the first year of graduate study
  • Preference is given to students/alumni who have not previously been awarded post-graduate funding from Dartmouth
  • Financial need may be a consideration in the selection process
  • Must have submitted an application to graduate school
    • Plan to matriculate in the upcoming fall semester
    • Award is contingent on acceptance and enrollment
    • Applications for graduate study already completed will not be considered

Specific eligibility guidelines


There are three categories and you may apply for only ONE (category selection is on the application form)

  • Graduate programs OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES:
    • Applicants to law, business, and medical schools abroad are not eligible for funding
  • Graduate programs at HARVARD UNIVERSITY (Alfred K. Priest Fellowship):
    • Any graduate program EXCEPT for doctoral programs in Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Graduate programs at institutions IN THE UNITED STATES other than Harvard University:
    • Applicants to law and business schools are discouraged (but see section on law school prizes)
    • Applicants to medical school and doctoral programs are not eligible for funding
    • Preference is given to those who are planning graduate study outside the U.S.

Application process

Application materials and instructions are on Canvas

  • Enroll in the Fellowship Advising Canvas site
  • The link to enroll will be available each year beginning on Dec. 15
  • You will be asked to web authenticate with your Dartmouth Net ID and then confirm that you want to enroll
  • Once you enroll, you will not be able to un-enroll on your own. All users will be un-enrolled in the summer.

Application checklist

  • Online application form (includes project budget)
  • Transcript from Dartmouth
  • Transcript(s) from other institution(s) (if relevant)
  • Recommendations from 2 current or former Dartmouth faculty members
  • Personal statement/proposal (see Canvas for specific instructions)

Recipients are selected by the Committee on Graduate Fellowships

Guidelines for personal statement

You may submit your graduate school application essay OR a personal statement that addresses the following (1000 words maximum):

  • Why do you want to pursue the proposed program?
  • What are your reasons for choosing to pursue a degree at your selected institution(s)?
  • Do you have the requisite academic/field-specific background to undertake the proposed program?
  • How will this program help further your academic or professional development?