Ian Stiehl '22 and Caitlin Wanic '21

Ian Stiehl '22


Ian Stiehl
Ian Stiehl '22 (Choctaw) is majoring in Astronomy with Pre-Health

Interests: Space Medicine (i.e. human health in space)

Ian is interested in the study of space medicine, which includes how microgravity environments affect human health. Currently, he is looking for medical programs with professors conducting research on human health in space. On campus, he is involved with the Ledyard Canoe Club and the triathlon team. Last winter, he acted in Dartmouth's production of the musical Into the Woods. He also works as a math tutor for the NAP. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, he has found solace through running and sends everyone his best wishes during this crazy time.

Caitlin Wanic '21


Caitlin Wanic
Caitlin Wanic '21 (Bay Mills Indian Community) is majoring in Native American Studies and Studio Art


Caitlin is a '21 double majoring in Native American Studies and Studio Art. She was once a pre-med, but after taking Drawing 1 her freshman fall, she knew that she wanted to take a detour from the pre-med path and pursue something that would make her really happy and keep her engaged during her undergraduate years. Upon graduation, she plans to enroll in a post-baccalaureate program at the University of Michigan to complete the pre-medical course requirements, take the MCAT, and then begin studying for the LSAT. Her ultimate educational goal is to enroll in an MD/JD and become a physician back home on her reservation (Bay Mills Indian Community) and work for tribal council (that's where her law degree comes into play). She intends to keep art and music (another thing she's really passionate about) in her life for as long as she can and to figure out a way to incorporate both into her life and career. She likes using art to explore her identity as an Indigenous woman and learn more about her culture through the various mediums she uses in her artwork (including glass seed beads used for traditional beadwork, acrylic paint, oil paint, charcoal/graphite/colored pencils, monotype prints, etc.). 



Caitlin Wanic artwork
Artwork by Caitlin Wanic


Caitlin Wanic artwork
Artwork by Caitlin Wanic